Root fillings are also referred to as endodontic treatment or root canal treatment. A root canal treatment is needed when the nerve or blood supply becomes infected from decay or injury. Sometimes tooth decay can make its way to the nerve of the tooth which causes sensitivity and pain. A root canal treatment involves cleaning out the infected tissue and in most cases this saves the tooth which prevents the need for dental implants & bridges
 What is root canal treatment?
This process is carried out when the inner pulp of a tooth needs to be removed through the root canal. In most cases, this takes place when a tooth has become infected to prevent the ailment spreading to other areas of the mouth and face or even leading to the growth of an abscess.

Does root canal treatment hurt?
No. root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so you wont feel any pain. You may experience some tenderness afterwards which will disappear over time.

What if I decide not to have the treatment?
The alternative is to have the tooth removed. When the nerve or blood supply is destroyed it will not be able to heal which leaves the mouth infected – this may lead to an abscess which can be painful. It has always been recommended to have as many natural teeth as possible, therefore removing the tooth is not preferred over root canal treatment. There is a negative stigma associated with this procedure as many patient view this course of action as a dentist’s last resort for saving a tooth that has became rotten over time. These negative stigma’s are often increasingly exaggerated and in some cases untrue.