Childsmile Scotland

  1. Managing Director
We at Enhance Dental Care are a Childsmile Practice and are always happy to inform and guide young children and their parents in all aspects of Good Oral Health.
We provide this service in Practice as well visiting schools and Nurseries with our our experienced staff giving presentations to kids classes and parents too.     

The Childsmile categories are as follows.

Birth to 3 year old

Find out when and how to introduce toothbrushing, get ideas for weaning foods without sugar.
Receive information on healthy snacks and the best drinks for babies teeth.

3 to 5 year olds

There's plenty you can do to keep your childs first teeth healthy, including teaching toothbrushing skills and again the best foods and drinks.

5 t0 12 year olds

Find out what you can do to continue good oral health habits in older children including toothbrushing, tooth friendlyfoods & drinks and food varnishing.

For more information on Childsmile, Parents can call our practice to book an appointment for their child.
And for Schools or Nurseries, Please call and give an email address as well as a contact name, and our manager will send more information on the on-site presentations we offer.